I’m going to paint you a picture, and you tell me if you’d bail at any point.

You get to live in a real castle, in the gorgeous French Alps, for free, and you can go with your bff cousin.

You may know more about French pastries than the French language… but you’ll be staying with an elderly Count and Countess who own the castle.

There’s a rumor that the Countess can be a bit difficult, but you won’t know for sure until you arrive.

Did I mention that you are living in a 15th century, fairy-tale castle for free, yet? Because that’s very important.

You now know everything I knew in June of 2014.
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Who are we?

Marta and Sarah are two cousins whose big dreams lead them to a small French town to work as tour guides at the local castle. But things are far from la vie en rose as their boss, the Countess, is less than pleased to find herself sharing any of the 105 rooms with two Americans.

Now back together in New York City, they’ve written the amazing, TRUE, story of their adventure. Find out more


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